Laughter Yoga: Leader Training Dates in Victoria



Training Dates

ONLINE on the 13 and 14th July

0930 to 1630 AEDT Both Days


IN PERSON 6th and 7th July at The Park Regis St Kilda Rd

0930 to 1630 AEDT Both Days

Cost $395inc GST

Attend a two-day training course to become a fully certified laughter facilitator affiliated with the Dr Kataria School of Laughter Yoga.

Who should attend: People wanting to provide FREE Laughter Yoga sessions to their community or workplace, or anyone wanting to start a FREE social Laughter Club

Why learn Laughter Yoga with us?

· Our training is fully accredited, and on successful completion, you will receive a certificate acknowledged by the Dr Kataria School of Laughter Yoga
· The training is comprehensive and runs over two full days
· You will learn both the practical skills and the theoretical basis of laughter yoga
· You will have ample opportunity to put your skills into practice and be fully supported every step of the way.
· You will receive information on the latest trends and techniques in Laughter Yoga
· Learn laughter yoga in a safe, fun and empowering environment
· All learning styles are catered for, whether you are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner

About your Trainer:

Merv has more than fifteen years’ experience in Laughter Yoga. He runs the Tuesday night online Laughter Club and has recently been appointed as a Master Trainer. At present, he is the only one in Australia. Merv also runs a successful Laughter Yoga Business that presents to a variety of organizations at their Conferences, Workshops, Staff Training Days, and Retreats. He also runs the 1 Day Advanced and 2 Day Laughter Yoga Business Training that enables people to improve their presentation and business skills


Merv Neal

NB Spots are limited to 10 attendees to ensure quality.
LEVEL 2. SILVER. $695inc GST NB Price includes LEVEL 1.
Attend 10 Supervised classes from 7.30pm to 8.30pm AEDT on Wednesday.
LEVEL 3. GOLD. $995inc GST NB Price includes LEVEL 1 and 2.
Complete the 2 Day Business Training.