Newsletter : 96 November 2016

Upcoming Trainings
By Dr Kataria

Bangalore, India

- November 10-14, 2016
- January 16-20, 2017

2 Days Business Trainings

- Melbourne 2nd and 3rd February
- Sydney 19th and 20th January

2016 Laughter Wellness Conference Summary

It was a hit! Well the 9 days of events that make up our 2016 Conference and Immersion have been run and won by each and every person that attended. My sincere thanks to all of you who travelled from near and far to be with us. Someone even came from Hong Kong.

Conference highlights. The Conference kicked off with an amazing performance by Pat Armitstead, before being plunged into the darkness by Narelle Fraser. Michael Davoren had us all thinking about narcissism, and Rebeccah Privilege had us holding balls of energy. After lunch we became the daily laugher session for Dave Berman from the USA, and then Janni Goss rewired our brains for mental health. Connie Costa then took us into the 21st Century of laughing with online training opportunities, rounded off beautifully by Bron Roberts with Gross National Happiness. What a day it was.

Immersion highlights. We then shifted gear and immersed ourselves into a series of workshops that were uplifting and beneficial for us personally, as well as the people that we present laughter to. Bill Zammit sent us out into the streets of Melbourne to create a Happy Video. The result of his work can be found at and while you’re on Facebook visit the Laughter Yoga Australia page for a heap of happy snaps taken by various people. Connie gave us the experience of a Laughter Wellness session, Janni showed us how to do Jellitime with kids, Pat returned with an improvisation workshop, Michael with a comedy workshop, and then Narelle gave us some tips on how to deal with people with PTSD. On the Sunday we skyped to Linda Leclerc in Canada, Dr Kataria at the Mexican Conference, and to Luis Gomez in South America who launched his documentary on working in prisons. Sebastien Gendry even dropped in to say hi and tell us about the American Conference. Peter Noblet made us more the wiser on Aryuvedic Health, Rebeccah gave us some reiki healing, Bron returned to show us brain gym exercises, and then Sharon Baydar completed the weekend with an art workshop.

Thanks to the presenters. All of the people named above gave their time freely and free to make this one of the most successful events ever held. To all of you, a standing ovation, and a loud bravo.

Thanks to VIBE. My thanks to Kristy and the team at the Vibe Hotel in Melbourne. Consider them for your next formal event.

Thanks to CYC. And my thanks also to Laura and the team at the CYC. It was a wonderful venue and space to be able to stay as a group, and experience the joy of sharing food and energy in a relaxed atmosphere. Consider them next time for a large group event of more than 30 people.

Next year in Sydney. The 2017 events will occur in October in Sydney. Exact dates will be secured by the end of this year.

Dave Berman Training in March. And in breaking news, Dave Berman will be visiting Australia for a series of 2 day trainings on his expert topic. The first one is in Melbourne on the 2nd and 3rd March.

If you’d like to know more about Laughter Yoga in Australia then please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time on 0408 552269 or at

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Until next month
Keep laughing

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