Laughter Workshop Topics

We have several NEW workshops for you to invest in for 2021

  1. Life is always better when you’re laughing. This workshop is designed for those who are looking to promote wellness and wellbeing, especially in the area of emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, social, and self-health through laughter. This is what we refer to as optimising your personal holistic health.
  2. From Doom to Bloom on Zoom. This workshop is specifically designed for those organisations who are still working remotely in one form or another. In a physically disconnected world, this workshop shows us how we can connect as a team in a FUNtastic way, even when we are apart.
  3. Unleash, unfurl, and unearth your mirth with a daily laughter practice. In this workshop you will learn to develop a sense of humour in order to manage stress levels. Through the regular and dynamic activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, we can learn to remain calm, even in a crisis.
  4. Learn resilience by retraining, rewiring, recalibrating, and remembering to laugh daily. In this workshop you will discover through neuroplasticity, the ways to promote positive neural pathways. This is mindfulness in order to reinforce and resume normal brain activity, and refrain from worrying.
  5. Improve your mental health with sustained intentional laughter. Mental health is more than the absence of illness. In this workshop you will learn how laughter can instantly reduce anxiety and depression levels while promoting positivity. You can learn to optimize your brain performance.