Laughter Yoga for Aged Care


Ageing is not for sissies!

Ageing Australians face so many challenges, both physical and mental. The body doesn’t always act the way it’s expected to; nor does the memory.

Between 10% and 15% of older Australians experience depression and about 10% per cent experience anxiety, Beyond Blue says. Rates of depression among people living in residential aged care are believed to be much higher— as much as 35%.

Yet we know Laughter Therapy can make a positive difference in the lives of older people. We just have to look in our own Aussie backyard to a La Trobe University study that found benefits in blood pressure, heart rate and mood from regular Laughter Yoga sessions.

5 Ways Laughter Yoga Benefits Seniors


Adds more laughter to life

We laugh less as we grow older. That may be because in our society, we link laughing with humour. So when life doesn’t feel great—  there’s nothing funny about losing your independence or the love of your life or becoming frail—why bother laughing?

Laughter Yoga is not about humour or jokes. Laughter Yoga is practised as an exercise and can be adapted to suit abilities. That also means people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, who may not “get” jokes can participate.


Promotes physical health

Laughter Yoga strengthens the immune system which is important for staying healthy and getting over illnesses.

It’s known to aid high blood pressure and alleviate pain (important when your body is wracked with aches and pains).

There’s also evidence to show positive impacts with diabetes and asthma.


Supports good mental health

Remember the TV series ‘Grumpy Old Men’ (and yes, there was another ‘Grumpy Old Women’): the grumbles made viewers laugh. Trouble is for many older people, life really seems ‘grumbly’. Depression, anxiety, frustration — even anger — are rife among seniors. Laughter Yoga changes participants’ biochemistry, releasing the ‘feel good’ hormones that lift mood and minimise blues, supporting good mental health regardless of circumstances.


Increased social connection

When we laugh together, we bond—and that’s exactly what we do in a Laughter Yoga session. We laugh and we connect. You can practically see loneliness fly out the window.


Improves longevity

It’s one thing to live long: it’s another to love living. Laugher Yoga can be a transformational ageing tool, bringing a purpose to living fully every day. It’s a simple easy-to-do exercise routine for all ages.

Bringing Laughter Yoga to your seniors

Laughter Yoga Australia can organise regular weekly sessions in your aged care centre, retirement village or respite centre. We have trained certified leaders and teachers spreading laughter professionally across Australia. Let’s talk about your needs.

Or we can train your staff to run sessions. Check our training options and timetable.