Laughter Yoga Training Options

Laughter Yoga Australia offers 5 levels of training.

 1 Day 1 to 1 Laughter Coaching Training


Now more than ever before, there is a greater need for people to have personalised Laughter Coaching, and this is the solution for them.

If you’re a Certified Laughter Leader then you now have the ability to provide this 8 week intensive program for others.

The coaching can all be done online so you can begin immediately.

The training takes your trainee on a journey to a deeper understanding of the mind, body, spirit connection with laughter. It helps to build the knowledge about laughter, and how laughter is a tool to be able to help people in a profound way.

(NB If you would like to be coached by one of our Laughter Coaches then complete a request through our Contact Us page)

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 2 Day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training (CLYL) ONLINE VERSION AVAILABLE

To lead an ONLINE community-based social laughter club, or to run ONLINE laughter sessions for your school or workplace, you need to do the 2-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader program. As there is only ONLINE training at present, when we resume “in person” sessions you will be required to attend a 1 day face to face training in your area.

The Certified Laughter Yoga Leader course is probably the most fun training that you’ll ever enrol in.

There’s some theory involved—the history, concept, philosophy and techniques—and there’s a lot of practice: you learn Laughter Yoga in a safe, fun, and empowering environment.

Importantly, you also acquire basic facilitation skills to enable you to competently lead a group of people in laughter exercises and laughter meditation.

This training is delivered by Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers.

Here are some of the places in which Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders run sessions to share the joy of Laughter Yoga:

  • schools
  • aged care centres
  • workplaces
  • yoga studios
  • centres supporting people with disability
  • mental health facilities
  • neighbourhood centres
  • laughter clubs — free community-based social sessions.

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1 Day Advanced Laughter Yoga Training


The 1-day Advanced Laughter Yoga training is for people who would like to take Laughter Yoga to different groups, especially at a commercial level, and is done once you have completed the 2 Day Leader Training.

You learn different techniques and programs, as well as gain documentation for 1-to-1 coaching, business programs, customer surveys, and research studies.

You also learn the 7 areas of Personal and Business Holistic Health Model to move you from FREE to FEE.

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2 Day Business Training


If you’ve been bitten by the laughter bug and want to make a professional career from spreading the joy of Laughter Yoga, you owe it to yourself to invest in Laughter Yoga Australia’s 2-day Business Training. The focus here is on credible presentations to the business community, developing and delivering effective presentations and programs, and running a financially sustainable Laughter Yoga business.

Laughter Yoga Australia’s Merv Neal draws on his successful enterprising business career spanning more than 40 years. Contact Merv for specific course details or go to the following…

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5 Day Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training (CLYT)


The Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training is an intensive—and we mean, intensive—5-days in which you are trained to train others.

Participants gain in-depth knowledge of all that is Laughter Yoga as well as business-related presentation, organisational, marketing and leadership skills.

As one of only a few Master Trainers in the world, Laughter Yoga Australia’s CEO Merv Neal is an authorised teacher trainer.

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Who does Laughter Yoga Training?

If you want more laughter and joy in life, or to bring it to others, you’ll benefit from enrolling in Laughter Yoga training.

Laughter Yoga leaders and teachers are drawn from many professions, including:

  • HR and management training professionals
  • OH&S and Workplace Wellbeing organisers
  • psychologists
  • medical practitioners
  • complementary and alternative health therapists
  • teachers
  • aged care workers
  • life coaches
  • fitness trainers and sports coaches
  • nurses
  • social workers
  • counselors
  • recreation activity facilitators
  • medical clowns and entertainers.

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